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Dynegy Makes $50,000 Commitment to the Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH —  Donation is part of a $10 million commitment to support organizations working for social justice and equity from Dynegy’s parent company, Vistra

Dynegy today announced a $50,000 donation to the Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh, achieving status as an Urban League corporate ally. The donation will directly fund the Urban League’s Black Female Leadership Development Institute and Center for Economic Self Reliance.

“In this moment, we must acknowledge that the playing field isn’t level. Fundamental building blocks – like a good education – are out of reach for too many people. As a corporation, Vistra is determined to be part of the solution,” said Curt Morgan, president and CEO of Vistra. “Vistra and our team at Dynegy are fully committed to strengthening the communities we serve. For us, that means driving inclusion, promoting equity, and investing in the organizations that serve as a springboard for the next generation of diverse, American leaders.”

 Dynegy’s donation will advance the Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh’s Black Female Leadership Institute, a program which encourages African American young women to embrace leadership roles in their communities and practice self-care needed to maintain a satisfying life. Additionally, Dynegy funding will support the Urban League’s Center for Economic Reliance, a service hub designed to foster individual career progression and improve educational outcomes.

 “The leadership of Vistra and Dynegy reached out to the Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh in a 100% supportive manner – wanting to know where we most could use their support and eager to invest philanthropically where such an investment could do the most good,” shared Esther L. Bush, Pittsburgh Urban League president and CEO. “We are touched and deeply encouraged by such an example of thoughtful and serious commitment to racial justice and social equity.”

 Dynegy’s donation is part of a $10 million commitment from its parent company, Vistra, to support organizations that grow minority-owned small businesses, enhance economic development, and provide educational opportunities for students from diverse backgrounds. Serving nearly 5 million residential, commercial, and industrial retail customers with electricity and natural gas, Vistra is the largest competitive residential electricity provider in the country and is also the largest competitive power generator in the U.S.