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Urban League Partners With Comp-U-Dopt, Dynegy, and the PHLDonateTech Campaign, to Help Provide 1,000 Computers to Underserved Youth and Families

PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Comp-U-Dopt, a non-profit with a mission to provide technology access and education, has partnered with the Urban League, Dynegy and its parent company, Vistra, and the PHLDonateTech Campaign, to collect and provide 1,000 free reconditioned computers for distribution to underserved communities in Philadelphia. This is Comp-U-Dopt's first project in Pennsylvania. The program is up and running in 11 other states and the District of Columbia.

While schools and governments continue to scramble to close the digital divide, there are still tens-of-thousands of households in our Philadelphia communities without access to a computer at home.

"We are honored to be part of a team of organizations that are committed to supporting families by providing timely and necessary resources," says Andrea Custis, President & CEO of the Urban League of Philadelphia. "It is critical that when we think about the need of underserved communities, strengthening both the physical and human infrastructure is part of the solution.  This partnership is an example of holistically addressing the digital divide while empowering the neediest families."

"As the pandemic shut down schools and sent students home, it immediately exposed gaps in technology access for children across our country. Laptops and tablets are no longer a luxury; they're a necessity for learning in today's society," says Curt Morgan, Vistra CEO and Comp-U-Dopt board of directors' member. "Our company is proud to support the work Comp-U-Dopt is doing to provide access to computers and digital-based education to underserved students – leveling the technological playing field, closing the digital divide, and setting our next generation up for more equitable success."

According to the Pew Research Institute, 41% of low-income families lack access to a computer at home and census data points to approximately 13 million families across the United States facing the same challenge. While many school districts have addressed distance learning with loaned devices, the content restrictions and temporary nature of the solution means the real digital divide remains unsolved.

Families in need of a device can visit Comp-U-Dopt's website ( and complete a short form to enter them into the computer lottery. The organization then randomly selects families on the lists based on their available inventory then invites them to attend a drive-thru distribution.

On the day of distribution, families bring their unique QR registration code and are then handed their computer. Social distancing and safety protocols are maintained, and the device is placed in the family's vehicle. Computers are given to families free of charge. Comp-U-Dopt also provides information on free and low-cost internet options that match a family's specific needs.

To donate a computer, you can visit Comp-U-Dopt's Philadelphia location webpage ( for options on how you can donate personal or corporate computers, make a financial gift, volunteer, and more. All donations are tax deductible and help support bridging the digital divide in your community.  

About the Urban League of Philadelphia
The Urban League of Philadelphia, an affiliate of the National Urban League, is a nonpartisan civil rights organization that has empowered African Americans and other underserved communities for more than a century. Through housing, employment, entrepreneurship, youth development, health and wellness and advocacy, we impact more than 15,000 children, youth and families a year. To learn more about ULP, visit and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more information.

About Comp-U-Dopt 
Comp-U-Dopt is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 2007 with a mission to provide technology access and education to underserved youth. Comp-U-Dopt has distributed over 41,000 computers across their sites nationally to students without access to a device at home to date and provided over 120,000 technology training hours.

They have programs in Arizona, California, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Texas.


For further information: Media Contacts: Megan Steckly, CEO, Comp-U-Dopt, Cell: 281-726-3360,