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Statement Update: Moss Landing Phase I Outage

IRVING, Texas — Sept. 30, 2021 — Vistra is continuing to advance its root cause analysis and address the damage at Phase I (300 megawatts/1,200 megawatt-hours) of its Moss Landing Energy Storage Facility following the incident on Sept. 4 that impacted a portion of the battery system and associated components. An initial review has found that a small, single-digit percentage of the batteries has been impacted.

Our investigation into the cause of the incident includes evaluation of multiple systems, including the battery, control, communications, ventilation, and safety systems. One area of focus is whether the water-based heat suppression system in the facility was activated by smoke in the building unrelated to the batteries themselves. Although we are still in the process of compiling and analyzing data for the battery modules, our review to date has not identified any battery temperature measurements in excess of established temperature limits at the time safety systems activated. We continue to evaluate this and other sources of data.

This will be a thorough and methodical process that prioritizes safety as we conduct the analysis, make necessary repairs and improvements, and bring the facility back online. We are assessing various paths to restoration, including incrementally returning a portion of the facility’s energy storage capacity more quickly. Above all, we will take the time needed to do it properly and are in regular contact with key stakeholders to apprise them of our progress.

Meanwhile, the 100-MW/400-MWh Phase II facility at the Moss Landing site remains operational.


Statement Issued Sept. 7, 2021:

Vistra has begun its preliminary assessment of Phase I (300 megawatts) of its Moss Landing Energy Storage Facility following an overheating incident that impacted a limited number of battery modules and occurred on the evening of Sept. 4. Teams from Vistra, battery manufacturer LG Energy Solution, engineering and construction firm Fluence, and other external experts are conducting their initial walkthroughs of the building in order to gather information and begin their investigation into the root cause of the issue. The North County Fire Protection District of Monterey County is assisting with the investigation.

The teams are in the early stages of this investigation and expect that it will take some time to fully assess the extent of the damage before developing a plan to safely repair and return the battery system to operation. We are working with our partners to ensure all necessary safety precautions are in place to minimize any risk during this process.

The operational status of the assets has not changed – Phase I / 300 MW is out of service and Phase II / 100 MW, which is located in a separate stand-alone building, is operational.


Statement Issued Sept. 5, 2021:

Late Saturday evening, Sept. 4, the Moss Landing Energy Storage Facility experienced an overheating issue with a limited number of battery modules in its Phase I 300-megawatt/1200-megawatt hour system. There are multiple layers of safety integrated into the battery facility and the risk mitigation and safety systems worked as designed, detecting these modules were operating at a temperature above operational standards and triggering targeted sprinkler systems aimed at the affected modules. As a result, the overheating was controlled and contained without the need for outside assistance. However, consistent with Vistra’s incident response planning and out of an abundance of caution, the Moss Landing team did ask the local fire department, North County Fire Protection District of Monterey County, to respond to the site. Importantly, there were no injuries to the facilities’ workers as a result of the incident and the situation is contained to the facility with no harm to the community.

With safety as its No. 1 priority, the company is taking a conservative approach and keeping the entire facility offline as it investigates the root cause of the incident in partnership with its engineering contractor, Fluence, and battery manufacturer, LG Energy Solution. Vistra is uncertain on the timing of the return of the facility, pending an investigation and any needed repairs. The company will update the status of Phase I Moss Landing as it learns more. 

The Phase II 100-MW system, which is located in a separate building on site, has not been affected by the event. It is currently available for operation.

Meranda Cohn

Molly Sorg


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