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News Releases

Statement: Restart of Phases I and II of Moss Landing Energy Storage Facility


IRVING, Texas — May 9, 2022 — Vistra released the following statement:

Vistra expects to have a substantial portion of its 400-megawatt Moss Landing Energy Storage Facility back online for summer, with the entire facility operational during the summer. With corrective actions determined and implementation nearing completion, including replacement of connectors in the water-based heat suppression system and testing, the company anticipates it will have 200 MW available in early June, with another 150 MW coming online incrementally throughout the month. The remaining 50 MW are anticipated to become operational in August as we receive replacement batteries and complete installation.

Vistra continues to work with regulators and state and local officials as it completes the restoration work comprehensively, properly, and safely.

Vistra’s Moss Landing Energy Storage Facility consists of two separate buildings housing the 300-MW Phase I system and the 100-MW Phase II system.